Lore of Sorrow

Inhabitants of Sorrow

The Necropolis is guarded and maintained by an unusual class of undead known as Lares. Although they are risen creatures, they do not suffer from the usual weaknesses of undeath, and (with a few exceptions) they do not decay over time. Any person who has proven themselves as a friend of the Necropolis can choose to be risen as a Lare, but by doing so they agree to serve the city and its people for 200 years. The city is split in to the Quarter of the Quick on the East side of the river and the Quarter of the Dead on the West side. Lares and the Mortwrights tend to reside on the west side, and the living on the east side. The central island of the Necropolis, including the Bleak Spire and the Preperation Houses, is reserved for businesses and the essential work of the city, and here the living and dead mingle freely.

Common Undead are not permitted within Sorrow, and Necromancy is forbidden within its walls. Few people have seen Sorrow during an attack, and those that have do not wish to describe the city’s defenses.

History and Lore

During the War of the Fallen, the greatest sorcerers of the Fomori gathered together to form the Final Coven in the island city of Inis Tory. Together, these sorcerers cast a divination spell to determine how the current conflict could be won. The results of this divination were disastrous – no member of the Fomorian race would survive the war, their empire was doomed to fall.

Many members of the Final Coven committed suicide, others fell in to a brooding depression and retreated in to the wilderness to face their fates alone. Of the original group, a mere third of the Coven remained in Inis Tory to formulate a plan. Their final strategy was to create a great warding – a magical shield that surrounded the island city and its surrounding environs and protected them from the worst of the conflict.

As the War of the Fallen ground on Fomorian refugees eventually sought entry in to the sorcerer’s city, only to find that the same spell that protected the city from enemies protected it from friends as well. In the final days of the war even Emperor Balor the Conquerer and his family were among those begging for entry as the ravening forces of the Great Horde bore down on them. The final Fomorian Emperor breathed his last slumped against the magical shield of Inis Tory.

With that breath he called to the Gods to curse the Sorcerors of Inis Tory and, hearing his prayer, they answered. The sorcerers lost control of their shielding spell and were unable to dismiss the effects. After hours of struggling they realized that the shield would only fall when every living being within the city was dead. Locked within the city, they spent their final days transcribing their histories and building the very tombs and mausoleums that would one day become the foundation of Sorrow.

Lore of Sorrow

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